A true paradise for any seafood enthusiast

Our fish is caught fresh every day to offer you the authentic taste of the sea. We never serve farmed fish. Our Fresh Catch policy ensures that our fish is always sustainably caught or your money back.


Our signature dishes

polpo con salsa orange dell'elba

Crispy fried octopus skewer


Tuna tartare


Seafood carbonara


Fried seafood platter

Anchovy heaven

Are you an anchovy lover? Then you’ll fall in love with Osteria di Mare, and our anchovy specialties like our ‘acciughe alla povera’ and ‘spaghetti alle acciughe’. We utilize only the freshest, locally sourced anchovies to infuse the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean into every dish.

spaghetti acciuga osteria di mare isola d elba

A treat for those who love REAL baked fish

Our baked fish is not simply a dish, but a true explosion of flavors and aromas that deserves to be celebrated. A unique and spectacular presentation for the true king of seafood cuisine.


'The restaurant is located inside a campsite: can I enter even if I'm not a guest?

No need to worry: you’re in the right place. Osteria di Mare at Enfola is located within a campsite open to everyone. You can come in, take a seat, browse our menu, and immerse yourself in a sea of flavors. Most importantly, if you’re expecting the typical ‘tourist restaurant’, you’re in for a surprise.


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